Magmil Syrup : Price, Working & Dosage

Magmil Syrup

Sugar-free Magmil - The Super Laxative

Effective at minimal doses

Magnesium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) Sodium & Microcrystalline Cellulose (Avicel), in addition to their other chemical properties, act as laxatives, lubricants and fecal softeners. This combined laxative actions, which is the result of their recognized sources and adequate quantities, has made possible MagmilR a super laxative that ensures desired laxative action at minimal doses. It also provides prompt antacid action in acid related diseases.

Dosage Guideline

As Laxative:

The usual dose of a milk of magnesia (Magnesium Hydroxide USP 400 mg/5ml) is 5-10 teaspoonful with a glass of water preferably before retiring to bed or as directed by the physician.

But in case of a super laxative like Magmil®, the result is satisfactory in the maximum cases of habitual constipation with the starting dose of 2-3 teaspoonful (with or without water). Depending on individual response i.e., if the desired result is not achieved, dose increases should be made in increments of 1 teaspoonful to a maximum of 5 teaspoonful (though most doctors prefer to limit the dose to 2-3 teaspoonful).

Pacific's presently marketed Magmil®'s dose is 1-2 teaspoonful to be enough and in mild to moderate cases the desired results may hopefully be achieved with 1 (one) teaspoonful only. If need be, 3-4 teaspoonful can be given in step-up manner. In case of severe constipation, 5 teaspoonful can be administered to the maximum.

As Antacid:

In mild to moderate cases: 1 teaspoonful b.i.d usually 1 hour after meal is enough. The maximum dose of 1 teaspoonful t.i.d can be given but caution must be exercised so that stool does not become too soft (because of the super-laxative character of Magmil®). In case of soft stool, the dose is to be limited to 1 teaspoonful b.i.d. Even the dose can be limited to 1 teaspoonful daily.


Diarrhea and abdominal colic usually at high doses. Dizziness and muscle weakness due to absorption of excess magnesium in the body may occur in people with poor kidney function.

Contraindications: Acute MI; renal failure (risk of magnesium accumulation); in cases where use of laxative is contraindicated and in acute gastro-intestinal problems.

Drug Interactions:

Magnesium Hydroxide interferes with the absorption of tetracyclines, iron supplements, phenytoin and penicillamine. Interactions can be minimized by giving it with other medications 2 to 3 hours apart.

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Magmil Syrup
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